VAPE Bee's Honey achieves ISO 22000 Certification.

VAPE, ISO 22000 certified company 

VAPEa leading company in the national market with high-quality products, it has certified operating processes under the Salvadoran Official Standards and the international reference standards applicable to each specialty. 

As an example, it operates under ISO 22000 certificationthe international standard for Food Safety Management Systems for the entire supply chain. 

The ISO 22000 standard searches: 

  • Ensure consumer protection and strengthen consumer confidence. 
  • High level structure. 
  • Foster cooperation between industries and governments. 
  • Identify the PHVA cycle (Plan, Do, Check and Act) of the entire food safety management system. 
  • Risk analysis and control 

By complying with these guidelines, VAPE complies with the legal regulations applicable to its activity and controls possible food safety hazards arising from its products and processes.


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